AHA Data is the single best source for credible, consistent and current information about the nation’s hospitals powered by the
American Hospital Association.

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Health Care Organizations
Gain insights to where your hospital stands in the market and know your market share.
B2B Marketing and Sales
Get the information you need to sell more effectively into hospitals. Search, compare, and profile hospitals and health systems to identify your best targets. Arm your teams with mobile-friendly tools that can feed into your CRM.
Enhance your research efforts with access to over 30 years of hospital market data. Use it as a single reference or match it to other data sets to expand your analysis.
AHA Data represents information that is directly provided by more than 6,300 hospitals and 400 health care systems. Our data warehouse covers an array of data points, including demographics, operations, service line, staffing, c-suite information, expenses, physician organization structures, beds, utilization and more. Historical data sets are available for many of these tools.
  • AHA Annual Survey Database™

    comprehensive census providing access to an unparalleled resource for hospital market research and health care field analysis.

  • AHA Guide®

    A comprehensive directory of hospital profiles including physician arrangements, hospital organization structure, utilization data, primary service data, approval code/accreditations, Medicare Provider Identification and more.

  • AHA Hospital Statistics™

    A reference source that features aggregated data for analysis and comparison of hospital trends in utilization, personnel and finances in U.S. hospitals since 1946.

  • IT Database

    Health care IT indicators that illustrate the depth and level of technology integration within hospitals. The AHA’s IT Database is used as a foundational source for information by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

  • MetricVu™

    Interactive dashboards that improve your understanding of the current environment and help identify opportunities to support meaningful, sustained performance improvement decisions.

  • DataQuery™

    An easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly query AHA Data, build reports, and find answers that could help you identify opportunities to enhance quality, improve the patient experience, and much more.

  • AHA Annual Systems Survey

    A database that allows you to track and monitor the evolution of new systems of care including ACOs, patient-centered medical homes, insurance models providing care to populations and more.

  • Custom and Quick Reports

    An user-friendly reporting tool that allows you to access data tailored to your needs or reports that represent the most frequently requested information available from the American Hospital Association.

  • AHA Population Health Survey™

    A database of hospital executive responses on infrastructure to support population health initiatives, community and government partnerships, and community health needs assessment tactics that allows you to gain insight into how hospitals are addressing population health needs.

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