AHA Annual Survey Database™

Represents the most credible, consistent and comprehensive data provided by more than 6,200 hospitals and more than 400 health care systems.

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With AHA Annual Survey Database, you can identify:

  • Population health
  • Alternative payment models
  • Utilization: admissions, births, surgeries, ED visits, and staffing
  • Physician arrangements
  • Telehealth
  • Technology adoption and other key IT indicators
  • Hospital service lines and facilities
  • Organizational structure
  • Hospital CEO/President, key contact for system
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AHA DataQuery™

Did you know we’ve added a new reporting tool to the AHA Data platform that’s going to make it easier for you to ask questions and gain value from American Hospital Association Data? Quickly query AHA Data, build reports, and find answers that could help you identify opportunities.

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AHA has been using a consistent data collection methodology for over 30 years. Ask us about licensing data from prior years.


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