AHA Healthcare IT Database

Contains responses from over 3,500 hospitals on technology adoption and other key IT indicators

Now in its 11th year, this annual survey conducted in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) gathers data that informs policymakers, providers, researches and vendors on health IT adoption, tools and trends. Spot opportunities, shape questions based on an unparalleled view of over 3,500 hospitals.

Find the latest on:

  • EHR vendor satisfaction and plans to change vendors
  • Key domains of interoperability
  • Barriers to interoperability

New Data Available

  • Bar coding or radio frequency identification for closed-loop medication tracking
  • Electronic prescribing of controlled substances
  • Patient ability to view clinical notes online
  • Barriers in the transition from manual to fully or primarily automated reporting
  • Use of EHR data to track the amount of time clinicians spend on documentation
  • Electronic methods to search for and view patient health information from outside providers
onc interoperability brief

ONC Data Brief

Interoperability among U.S. Non-federal Acute Care Hospitals

Discover how the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology uses AHA Data in this ONC Data Brief on interoperability in acute care hospitals.


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