Ventilator Fact Sheet



What is our existing ventilator supply in the U.S.?

The best available study on ventilator supply is from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and estimates about 160,000 in total.

How many of those ventilators are available for use today?

Different ventilators serve different functions. Of the total, approximately 62,000 are full-featured ventilators owned by hospitals. Of those, about 29,000 can be used for pediatric and neonatal patients. An additional 98,000 ventilators do not have full features but can serve basic functions in an emergency.

How many ventilators are currently in the strategic national stockpile?

While the precise number has never been released, public reports suggest there were between 12,000 and 13,000 ventilators in the strategic national stockpile prior to the current epidemic. However, this does not include the estimated 2,000 that have been made available from the Department of Defense.

How many ventilators are in the national stockpile today?

Public reports indicate the stockpile is down to 5,000. However, this number could rise again up to 139,000 after full implementation of those ordered under the Defense Production Act are delivered.

How many ventilators from the strategic stockpile have been distributed to hospitals?

We do not have an available breakdown of ventilators distributed to hospitals.

How many total ventilators are in production?

Approximately 65,000 are scheduled to be produced through private companies like GM and others but they will not be ready until midsummer.

What is a novel manufacturer?

A novel manufacturer is a company that does not traditionally make ventilators but has re-oriented its production to make them.

How many ventilators in production are coming from novel manufacturers?

According to current projections, General Electric will produce approximately 2,400 ventilators; Hamilton will produce 14,000; Medtronic will produce 1,000; Hill-Rom will produce 3,400; ResMed will produce 2,500; Vyaire will produce 22,000; and Zoll will produce 18,900.

How will these ventilators be serviced?

All novel manufactures are partnered with a current ventilator companies to ensure consistency with the current process that each hospital or health system has set up.

How many makes and models of ventilators are there?

There are at least 34 different makes and models of ventilators.

How many ventilators did New York say it needed? How many did it ultimately use?

The situation in New York State continues to evolve. New York officials initially estimated a need for 30,000 ventilators but may end up requiring fewer because of the impact of social distancing efforts.

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