Dynamic Ventilator Reserve


Just over a year ago, the AHA joined hospital and health system leaders at the White House to announce the Dynamic Ventilator Reserve, a public-private online initiative to track and help distribute available ventilators and associated supplies to areas of the country with high COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations. Within weeks of the announcement, the DVR had intake calls with 23 health systems, eventually growing to an inventory of nearly 3,000 ventilators across the United States. The first request to borrow ventilators was made July 14, and since that time, the DVR has facilitated the successful loan of more than 100 ventilators transported across hundreds of thousands of miles.  

We have had no inquiries for ventilators since early 2021, and the DVR is now transitioning from active to reserve duty. The website remains available for inquiries. Should future conditions require the program to return to full alert, we will be ready. In the meantime, we will apply the program assets and learnings to spur innovation in supply chain management.