The most comprehensive hospital directory available, trusted for decades, AHA Guide® provides data on current certifications held by a hospital, how hospitals participate with physicians, chief administrators, and hospital operations statistics.

AHA Guide® is Now Online!

From the American Hospital Association, the most comprehensive hospital directory available.

Access hospital, health care executive, and system data all in one place with a few keystrokes.

New Features

  • Quickly filter search results by Hospital, System or Person
  • Keep pace with data updated in real time
  • Visualize your data with interactive maps
  • Responsive, mobile friendly design


Hospital profiles include:

• Physician arrangements
• Census data
• Organizational structure
• Outpatient visits
• Primary service data
• Births
• Approval code/accreditations
• Expenses and operations data
• Hospital bed size data
• Admissions data
• Medicare provider identifications

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