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American Hospital Association Annual Survey Database

AHA Annual
Survey Database™

AHA Data represents information that is directly provided by more than 6,200 hospitals and 400 health care systems. Our data covers an array of data points, including demographics, operations, service line, staffing, CEO/President, expenses, physician organization structures, beds, utilization, population health, and more.

American Hospital Association DataQuery


Tapping into the most credible, consistent and accurate information about the nation’s hospitals has never been easier. Ask sophisticated questions, easily build reports and gain insights from American Hospital Association data and an expanded offering of publically available datasets with just a few keystrokes.

American Hospital Association Vitality Index

Vitality Index™

Are you seeing the whole picture? Uncover how often your organization's payment claims are denied, determine if those denial rates vary by payer or service line, and compare your organization's metrics to other providers and peer groups. 


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