AHA MarketCapture™

Are you getting the real insights you need when it comes to retaining patients within your network?

AHA MarketCapture illuminates opportunities to maximize in-network referrals and identifies blind spots driving leakage.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Intuitively navigate market data and answer core business questions through interactive dashboards.

With AHA’s cost-effective solution, uncover insights at the hospital level:

  • View your hospital’s physician market share by categories and specializations
  • Quickly identify your most loyal primary care physicians and specialists
  • Determine which physicians should be targeted for maintenance and new revenue growth
  • Quantify the revenue impacts of loyalty and leakage down to the individual physician
Health system increases market share, revenues, EBITDA

Case Study

Health system achieves double-digit market share gains in six service lines


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